Hate the Weather app in iOS 7? Here are the best App Store alternatives!

Hate the stock Weather app in iOS 7? Here are the best alternative Weather apps for iPhone!

The best alternative weather apps for iPhone from charts to forecasts to allergy information and more!

With iOS 7 Apple redesigned the built-in Weather app with edge-to-edge graphics and subtle, elegant animations. However, it’s still powered by Yahoo! and its still decidedly on the simple side. Since weather apps have become something of a playground for great designers and developers these days, it’s not surprising that there are many excellent, yet very different alternatives in the App Store. The toughest part is choosing between them. That’s where we come in! Here are our current favorites!

Weather Line

Weather Line combines the best parts of both the Dark Sky and forecast.io services. If you’re in the US or UK and want up to the minute rain predictions, Dark Sky can provide that and it comes bundles in Weather Line. Aside from great precipitation data, Weather Line graphs the weather in one of the most meaningful and useful ways we’ve ever seen; through a series of gorgeous charts and easy to read graphs.

If rain prediction is important to you, get Weather Line.

Yahoo Weather

The Yahoo Weather app is pretty much what the native Weather app in iOS 7 became but much less robust. If you like the look and feel of the native Weather app but just don’t feel it provides enough information, the Yahoo Weather app can fill that gap. With forecasts, sunrise and sunset information, wind speeds, and more, there’s much more data to check out here than what Apple gave you stock.

If you like the native Weather app’s design and just want more data, get Yahoo Weather.

Perfect Weather

Perfect Weather by Contrast does a great job of balancing features and screen real estate. It aggregates data from NOAA which unfortunately makes it a US only app. It’s one of our favorites because the card style interface and the balance between useful data and avoiding clutter was done exceptionally well.

If you don’t need advanced weather data and like apps that feature card style layouts, check out Perfect Weather.

Today Weather

Today Weather works as a system of charts and graphs. The high and low temperature graphs are some of the best laid out I’ve seen so if forecasts are your thing, Today Weather does an amazing job at displaying them. The hourly breakdowns inside Today Weather are well thought out and easy to read as well. Even better yet, it’s a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.

If you want a weather app that’s not only gorgeous on iPhone, but on iPad as well, get Today Weather.

AccuWeather Platinum

AccuWeather is one of the longest standing weather services around and their app for iPhone is jam packed with not only current weather conditions but forecasts, maps, news, and live videos. AccuWeather is one of the only weather apps that provides information on how current weather conditions impact outdoor fitness activities. The platinum version can also send you push notifications for alerts and warnings about weather conditions in your area, as well as removes all ads.

If you’re a runner or want a way to know how weather conditions affect outdoor fitness, get AccuWeather Platinum.

The Weather Channel Max

The Weather Channel Max provides almost as much information as AccuWeather Platinum but manages to do it with a much cleaner interface. Along with live videos and radar maps, The Weather Channel Max also has a feature called PollenCast that can give up to date information on pollen counts around you. Easy swipe gestures let you quickly switch between locations in any tab as well which makes navigation lightning fast.

If you or someone in your home suffers from pollen allergies, The Weather Channel Max is a no brainer since it can give you information on tree, weed, and grass pollen counts in just a few taps.

Your favorite alternative weather apps?

If you don’t use the stock iOS 7 Weather app, let us know in the comments which alternative weather apps are your favorites! What made you choose those particular apps over the stock app or any of the ones listed above?


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