Character Relationships Thread- P.I.T

Paranormal Investigation Team

An Investigation Team dedicated to all things paranormal. Having problems with Poltergeists? Flying objects? Strange apparitions? No mystery is too big for P.I.T. Especially since some of the investigators are…a bit special themselves.


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Character Relationships Thread- P.I.T

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–> Forum for completely Out of Character (OOC) discussion, based around whatever is happening In Character (IC). Discuss plans, storylines, and events; Recruit for your roleplaying game, or find a GM for your playergroup.
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?|Love Interest

Jack Baker-
Phoenix Estrielle-
Alexandria Challec-
Amelia "Cody" Coulde-
Madeline Gregory-
Ramona Payne-
Gabe Fletcher-

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Ahhhhh, this is weird hahaha.
“Ssshh, you are disturbing the sound waves.”

?|Love Interest

Jack Baker- ?
Alexandria Challec- ?
Amelia “Cody” Coulde- ?
Madeline Gregory- ?
Ramona Payne- ?
Gabe Fletcher- ?

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