Want to use DirectX 11.1? You’ll be forced to update to Windows 8

If you?re a gamer and like to get the best performance out of your PC, then Microsoft might force you to switch to Windows 8, if you haven?t already. Microsoft?s Principal Program Manager Lead, Daniel Moth, has posted on the MSDN forums that Microsoft?s latest 3D graphics API, DirectX 11.1 will only become available on Windows 8. DirectX is used by many games and is a way for developers to draw the 3D graphics of e.g. games on your display. The new features of DirectX 11.1 can be found on?the Microsoft website but the details will mainly be interesting to developers.

The previous version of DirectX, version 11 was first only available on Windows 7 but also became available to ?Windows Vista users. Due to the possibility of an increase in performance, many Windows 7 users would ?love to use DirectX 11.1. too. However, it seems they?re out of luck and will need to switch to Windows 8.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/CDFreaksNews/~3/G1rDqMMdkI8/

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