Video: Romney swipes at Obama campaign

>>> conciliatory towards mitt romney , mitt romney , for his part, has laid low with his family since the loss. but today, his post-campaign remarks are surfacing. he was on a conference call with major donors today. what he said about what went wrong is already getting some attention tonight. nbc’s peter alexander just back after covering the campaign, here with us in the studio.

>> reporter: brian, good evening, as you know this conference call just wrapped up hours ago, governor romney blamed this defeat on what he described as big gifts that the president had given to some of the democrats most loyal voting block . among them african-americans, young voters and hispanics he called it the old play book rule with specific interest groups . he said with regard to young people , a forgiveness of college loan interest was a big gift. he added free contraception was very big with college-aged women. and finally, he said obama-care made a difference, likewise with hispanic voters, health care was a big plus. he is scheduled to meet with top advisers tomorrow night. one thing is sure in terms of his future. he said the donors may play a part in helping him select the next republican nominee, but it won’t be romney, he said. certainly bubbling up as a big story today, late in the day , peter alexander , just off the trail to get much-needed rest, thank you


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